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Your holiday essential

In recent years we have been reminded of the different financial risks facing holidaymakers ranging from volcanic ash clouds to airline or travel company insolvency. Increasing use of the internet is resulting in more and more people making independent travel arrangements rather than relying on the traditional package holiday. Many may be surprised to learn of the different treatment of travel insurance claims in these circumstances and the need for adequate cover supporting independently arranged travel itineraries.

In the absence of the safety net afforded by the NHS, the importance of medical expenses cover when travelling abroad also cannot be underestimated. The cost of treatment and repatriation to the UK can be horrendous, all of which can be avoided by having good quality travel insurance in place.

If you prefer to arrange cover each time you travel it is essential that this is put in place immediately on booking your holiday. This is to protect you against any situation such as serious illness or family bereavement which could result in you having to cancel your trip. Alternatively, if you travel more frequently, it would be wise to consider an annual travel insurance policy which offers continuous cover throughout the year removing the danger of forgetting to insure.

Whatever your requirements, Medical Money Management can help and with the launch of our new online quote & buy facility, in conjunction with Citybond Suretravel, it couldn’t be easier. For further details or for a quotation please just click the link below.

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